My week in Singapore quirks.

Each week is full of Singapore quirks but this week there were a few notable…quirks.

  1. Poppy Seeds: So while I was doing my online bagel ordering, I had a hankering for a poppy seed bagel. After an extensive search, I came up short. It turns out poppy seeds are illegal in Singapore. “What are you in jail for?” “oh, I was eating a poppy seed bagel on the train”. It has come to my attention that there is a huge niche for poppy seed flavoured chewing gum in Singapore.
  2. Censorship: I have mentioned the sometimes ridiculous censorship before but there was another amazing example yesterday. The protagonist on the TV show I was watching (I can’t recall the name) mentioned the word “penis” (which was muted out), but then in the very next sentence he mentioned the word “vagina” (which was NOT muted out).  Am I to believe that vaginas exist but penises do not? This may explain Singapore’s negative birth rate.
  3. iTunes: Last week Singapore got iTunes which is only 10 years later than the rest of the world (I should clarify, iTunes was available before but you could only get apps. No music and no movies).  How is it possible for the country with the highest number of iPhone owners (per capita) to only get iTunes now?
  4. Landlords: So I googled my landlord the other day and it turns out he is in jail for corruption (or someone with the same name). I don’t like our chances of getting our bond back.



  1. For #1, I think it’s because poppy seeds can be used to make opium.


    • First of all poppy seeds can’t grow into opium poppies, they are sterilised. Secondly the amount of poppy seeds required to get a buzz is enormous. Surely it can be controlled like every other country does. If you are not working at bakery why are you buying 40 kilos of poppy seeds? I hope this message does not come across as being angry, I just want my poppy seed bagel. lol.

    • Hutchinson
    • July 3rd, 2012

    Oh how I’ve missed your insights Hancock. Want me to smuggle you in some poppy seeds? I’ll bring a sufficient quantity so as to give you flavour without the buzz.

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